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Sesame is an ancient oil crop supplying seed for confectionary purpose and edible oil, paste (Tahina) cake and flour.
Sesame has important agricultural attributes. It is adapted to tropical and temperate conditions, grows well on stored soil moisture with minimal irrigation or rainfall and can produce good yield under high temperature.


Soybean (scientific name: Glycine max) is a plant species belonging to the legume genus. Soy is classified as an oilseed and has been used in China for 5000 years as food and medicine. Soybeans are important food and industrial crops at the global level. It is distinguished from the rest of the other legumes that it contains all eight essential amino acids necessary for the human body to make protein. This makes it an excellent source of complete protein, especially for vegetarians.


Groundnut (Arachis hypogaea), also known as peanut or cacahuetea (Listen to Nahuatl tlālcacahuatl which means ground cocoa), ground pea, ground pistachio and pinot (English peanut) in Quebec1 is a plant of the family of leguminous plants (Fabaceae) native to Mexico and grown in the tropics, subtropical and temperate for its oilseeds. It has the particularity of burying its fruits after fertilization.

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