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Sesame is a high-quality food product which represents a real reservoir of healthy fats and high-quality acids. It has a unique taste and a fantastic flavor. Sesame is mainly cultivated in Ethiopia and Nigeria and Sudan, contribute >60% to the total world production of sesame seeds. But the cultivation was until recently limited in West and East Africa. However, the production process in this area has started to know fast and confident progress. It is reflecting further prosperity and brilliance with new export companies. These companies are working to eliminate the limited production and boost delivery to all countries of the world.

Unknown facts about Sesame Production!
Many of us ignore that latest agricultural research in the field of sesame production indicates that the best types of sesame exist in East Africa and exactly in Sudan with a farming area of 380,000 hectares and that sesame oil represents 95% of the total oils exported. State of the island and the state of Gedaref and the Blue Nile and some Western states is a fertile breeding ground for high-quality sesame seeds with fresh white seeds and sweet flavor.
This is a substantial factor to enhance investment in this golden product. However, a set of other factors have not allowed agriculture in West and East Africa to increase and limited its prosperity and development. Statistics indicate that more than 30% of the product is lost due to inadequate storage conditions.
The cultivation of sesame requires different standards and particular care so as not to be damaged, and the region’s exposure to drought, clay soil quality, and high production cost represented real obstacles to raising productivity.
The role of export companies in driving production in West and East Africa:
Bio Bustani works on exporting the most top seeds and delivering them to the world by carefully tracking seeds and selecting them and periodically reviewing statistics and scientific publications. The company is also aware that quality is a real criterion for increasing the demand market and attracting investors. It will also be a motivational step for producers to grow and improve their production as importers flock to their products. This is an essential factor in completing the marketing process and increasing productivity in the East and West Africa region.

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